A Little About OUR HISTORY

In 1890 a visionary group of businessmen formed a company to protect people in Louisiana against the risk of property loss or damage. Over 125 years ago, when meals were cooked on wood burning stoves, heat came from open fire places and kerosene lamps and candles were the only source of light, people in South Louisiana lived under the constant threat of fire. Recognizing the need to help people insure their homes, businesses, and possessions against the ever-present risk of fire, a group of businessmen formed a company for just such a purpose.

Post Hurricane Audrey Ad, 1957

In 1890 the Louisiana Fire Insurance Company was officially chartered as a corporation. Homes, businesses, even cargoes moving in steam boats to destinations up and down the Mississippi were insured. When an accident did occur, payment was made swiftly…for the full value of the property loss. In fact, it was that ready response each time tragedy struck that quickly earned Louisiana Fire Insurance Company a reputation for unquestioned integrity – a reputation which grew with each passing year!

Through five wars, a depression, several recessions, and countless natural disasters, Louisiana Fire Insurance Company not only fulfilled its promise to each individual and company it insured, but also met the many challenges faced by dynamics of the twentieth century. Even the name was modified to reflect the company’s adaptation to the changing business environment.

Article discussing new office, 1959

Today, the vision continues and Louisiana Companies is one of the largest privately held insurance and risk strategy firms in the region. Throughout all of the changes that have taken place at Louisiana Companies during the past 125 years – the growth and diversification – we have never relinquished our belief in absolute integrity. For over a century, it has been a vital ingredient in the success and position of leadership the company has achieved.

Just as those founders envisioned a way to respond to the needs which existed over a century ago, Louisiana Companies will remain equally responsive, assuring that the vision continues.

1966 Christmas Party

Variety of fun photos from the 1966 Christmas party.